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Our comprehensive partner program will enable you to offer
a completely suite of cloud based solutions to differentiate
your service offerings, increase customer relationships
and grow revenues.

If you are looking to add hosted solutions to your business’s current roster of services, partner with UCclouds. Partnering with us means that you can deliver our enterprise-level solutions to your clients. We offer multiple partner packages, which offer a variety of services based on your needs. Fill out the form below to find out more information about partnering with UCclouds.


ucclouds desktops growth

Get into a large and rapidly growing market

The demand for hosted desktops is growing and show no sign of slowing down. The demands for accessing their data anytime,
anywhere to protect this ever increasing store of data, all the while making it assessable by an ever-increasing array of devices.
Companies of all sizes are dealing with compliance and BYOD policies. As a service provider offering the UCclouds platform you’ll
be able to quickly and confidently offer stable and full-featured solutions to these problems.

The Onboarding Process

Once you become a UCclouds Partner, you’ll be introduced to our support team and tools. UCclouds is committed to our partner’s success and have designed an onboarding process focused on getting you up, running and making sales in a matter of hours.

  • The partner dashboard is one of the most important parts of the UCclouds platform. Designed specifically for service providers to quickly and easily manage all our products from a single interface.
  • Training videos have been provided for you and your staff to learn the UCclouds products at your own pace.
  • Webinars for channel partners are held on a regular basis to train channel; there is training for both the technical knowledge on the product but also how to market our products.
  • Our Partner Resource Center (PRC) where our marketing materials reside. Use these marketing materials to generate interest among your current customers as well as adding new customers.
  • Channel and technical managers available to bring resources to you as you sell the UCclouds product line.

Talk to UCclouds today about benefits and flexible options for expanding your managed cloud solutions and services.

Get Started

UCclouds Partner Program offers:

  • Additive products and services; no need to discontinue any product in your line; just add UCclouds DaaS and IaaS for those customers who need secure cloud computing and/or hosted desktops.
  • Our global network of datacenters provide better coverage and more reliable execution of cloud solutions.
  • Full marketing support with product literature, presentations and email templates ready to go to market.
  • The ability for you to set pricing and margins on every deal. Our partners earn more than a 50% margin!

The UCclouds Platform Offers:

  • Comprehensive backup plan
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • No more unexpected costs
  • Eliminate maintenance costs
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24x7x365 unlimited expert support
  • Access from any device

Our Address:
55 Marietta Street, STE 800
Atlanta, GA 30303
Int'l: +1 (678) 701-5677
US: (800) 719-5405
Hours of Operation:
Security (SOC): 24x7x365
Support (NOC): 24x7x365

Secure Cloud Hosting

UCclouds provides secure cloud hosting without sacrificing the redundancy and speed you would expect from an enterprise managed cloud hosting provider. If you're searching for a HIPAA Compliant Hosting or a PCI Hosting solution, look no further than UCclouds. Our secure managed hosting HIPAA and PCI solutions are compliant ready. Rely on UCclouds as your secure cloud hosting provider.

Data Center Locations

  • LONDON (LON01)
  • DALLAS (DAL01)